Jogani Waterfall

Jogani Waterfall:-

Jogani Waterfall isn’t the type you see in pictures and which has a clear white stream falling. It is about 5km from Manali, and to reach the waterfalls, one has to hike. The waterfall cascades down from a height of around 150 feet.

You may see the River Beas and the Rohtang's snow-capped peaks from the waterfall's route, which is beautiful.

Jogani Mata Temple is at the base of the waterfall which is a sacred site to the surrounding villages. The trek to Jogani Falls is among the best short treks near Manali as it passes through a narrow lane adjacent to the Vashisht temple and goes through apple orchards, tall pine trees, and small water streams.

The flow of water isn’t too much but the beautiful scenery all around more than makes up for it. The rocks through which the fall flows aren’t embedded in the mountain. They seemed to have been arranged randomly, and the structure might come crashing down anytime.

One can enjoy an energizing dip under these cascading falls while admiring the towering snow-clad mountains all around. This is what makes it somewhat more attractive. Seek the blessings of god and also witness the hot spring water.