Van Vihar, Manali

Van Vihar, Manali:-

The natural beauty of Manali will prod you to explore it further, but if you want a chance to mingle with other tourists and residents. Then you must head to Van Vihar, a locally managed park located in the heart of Mall Road.

Enhanced with sky-contacting deodar trees and laid by a thick floor covering striking shades of green. The Van Vihar in Manali is an asylum for nature sweethearts and avifauna devotees.

The park has a jogging and walking track, landscaped green areas for walking barefoot or sitting on, and a small artificial pond with boating opportunities. You can also board a boat and cruise around the man-made lake. Bird watchers will have a great time spotting local species in the park, especially early in the morning.

The most loved fascination of this park is a shimmering man-made lake. That rests in the lavish green scene and rejuvenates the whole region. Sailing on the serene waters of the lake at Van Vihar and seeing the hypnotizing appeal of the transcending deodar trees will ingrain a delightful feeling of quiet inside you.

A quick walkthrough of Van Vihar Park is highly recommended. If you are looking for some peaceful moments in the hippy environment of Manali town.