River Crossing


River Crossing -
One of the most prominent up-and-coming adventure activities of Manali is a river crossing. The river crossing is challenging as one has to cross the river while hanging from a rope. River Crossing is a demanding sport among both children and grown-ups. The Beas River is one of the best places for a river crossing in Manali. The river crossing is generally termed to mean crossing a river from its one bank to another. This task will be completed with the help of a rope and cable. The challenge of crossing the waterway intersection by hanging from a rope makes the river crossing stand out among the other adventure sports. It is challenging as one has to cross it while hanging from a rope, but also fun to do when you are with a group of friends, competing with each other. Under the supervision of an experienced and skilled expert, there is no need to be concerned about safety. Mainstream ranges that include waterway intersections incorporate Bhang and Aleo. Stream intersection is a standout amongst the most mainstream forthcoming adventure sports of Manali. The activity can be enjoyed at any time of the year, except Monsoons. The activity suits all, one needs an enthusiastic heart.