Zorbing -
Zorbing is one of the most popular adventure activities in Manali. Since it has been around for a long time, most people are well-versed in the idea of going down a hill in a plastic bubble. Zorbing will provide you with a view of a world turned upside down. In Solang Valley, adventurous sports are there for tourists, so that they can enjoy their adventurous activities. For the uninitiated, zorbing is a safe adventure activity. Wherein you are strapped inside a double-padded plastic bubble, along with either your guide or a friend. A kind of adventure sport wherein you move smoothly in a huge transparent plastic zorb ball. Which is then rolled down a mountain slope. Even if you crash against a tree or a rock, you will bounce right back and reach the end of the track safely. Being strapped securely inside the bubble ensures. That you do not budge from your safe area, and thus the orb, or “zorb” as it is called also doesn’t meander from its path. It is a fun way to go down a slope, bouncing along with all the trees looking topsy-turvy. So get ready to be Zorbed, wrapped inside a giant rolling ball, while you indulge in Zorbing in Manali and be familiar with the familiar. Zorbing in Manali stops if the mountains are covered in snow. If you are in Manali, make sure to experience the zorbing adventure.