Manali: A Journey to the Most Beautiful Hill Station:

Kullu Manali :-

The winter capital in India, Kullu Manali is one of the best and most famous destinations in India. In the evening, I started my journey from Delhi to Manali. The journey will be by Volvo. Exotic Kullu Manali Tourist Places offers something special for everyone.
It Overnight gives peace to mediators, inspiration to artists, daring Activities for adventure seekers, and this list just goes on. As soon as you enter the terrains of Manali, you will feel a cool breeze already taking all your stress away and surprising you with its jaw-dropping landscapes. I’ll take my headphones out of the bag listen to music and enjoy some snacks which I carry with me. At 9:00 pm the bus stops for dinner at the dhaba.
I had my dinner and sat back on the bus. At night the view from the Mountains looks like stars are on the mountains.


Later, I nap for 5 or 6 hours. When my eyes open the sun rises on the top of the mountains and it seems beautiful. The sky changes its color from blue to orange and yellow and it gives a mesmerizing view from the mountains. The birds were chirping with their melodious voices. Later, the bus stops for the morning breakfast. I had my morning tea with aloo paratha.
After that again the bus starts its journey. We took a step to the Manali Bus stand. Finally, after a 13-hour journey, we reached the Manali private bus stand. From there the private cab received me and transferred me to the hotel. Check-in to the hotel at noon and after that, I took some rest.
In the afternoon a cab came to receive me from the hotel and took me to the Manali local sightseeing.

Places To Visit in

Hadimba Temple:-

I visited the ancient and one of the most famous temples, Hadimba Temple. Hadimba Temple is locally known as “DUNGRI DEVI TEMPLE” also.
This temple’s splendid architecture, wooden doorways, mud walls, miniature paintings of the Goddess, and
fascinating structure adds to the charm of this place of worship.
The Temple offers dense deodar forest picturesque views. Here I took many pictures in the deodar forest and
here, I wore a “HIMACHAL TRADITIONAL DRESS” and took a picture in that dress. I worship the goddess and take some blessings. Many newlywed couples came to take the blessings in the MANALI HONEYMOON PACKAGE. Near the Temple, there are many “ANGORA RABBITS”, which are rarely seen in India. I took the Angora rabbits in my arms and took a picture with them.


Club House:-

After that I visited the Club House”. It is an amusement and adventure retreat set up on the banks of the Manalsu Nalla.
Here I do river crossing activities with proper instructions and guidelines. It is the most amazing thrill
activity I have experienced in the clubhouse.
After that, I visited old Manali, I walked in the colorful old market of Manali that is catered to please the ones on the Hummus trail, got enticed by small coffee and confectionary shops right in the middle of a tiny street lined with guesthouses, the green hills around Manali called me to walk along them, the various local dishes sizzling out of Manali restaurants’ kitchens made me hungry, while the Manalsu and the Beas river flowed in all glory.

Manu Temple:-

From here I walk towards the ancient and famous temple “Manu Temple”. This temple is famous because of Maharishi Manu ji. In India, there is only one temple of Maharishi Manu Ji which is situated here.
Manali is named after the sage Manu who was the creator of the human race on earth according to mythology and it is believed that he meditated here. The temple was built in a pagoda style of architecture. After that, I visited this popular temple which left me mentally and spiritually rejuvenated. This place will feel the calm breeze and fresh air blowing all around.

Vashisht Bath:-

From there on, I visited the “Vashisht Hot Spring Bath”. The Vashisht temple is named after “MAHARISHI VASHIST JI”.  This beautiful village is famous for its sulfurous hot water springs. Vashisht Temple was built just next to the springs.
I take a dip in the holy water during the visit by me. It is the hot spring water bath in the kund. Local people believe in a dip in holy water to rid themselves of skin diseases and infections.


Tibetan Monastery:-

Hereafter, I visited one of the most famous spots in Manali, the “Tibetan Monastery”. The Buddhist Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Manali.
It is situated within walking distance from the Mall and it has religious importance among the devotees. The monastery has colorful paintings on its walls and the architectural beauty of the place magnetizes and amazes me.

Van Vihar:-

After that I took a step towards Van Vihar” in CabIt is a public garden. It is a small forest located on the banks of the Beas River.
There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself. It is famous far and wide for its Deodar trees and a man-made lake, built right in the middle of the forest. The lush green trees provide me with fresh air, the lake is a beauty to behold and get lost in.

Mall Road:-

In the evening I take a cup of Kulhad Tea from the Mall Road. The tea gives me freshness and relieves me from tiredness. After that, I explored the shopping malls of Manali and did some shopping.  I also bought a leather jacket, woolen mufflers, and seaters from the market. The staff in the woolen clothes is very warm.
Later I returned to the hotel and took some rest. That night I had my dinner in my room. For dinner, the Kadhai paneer, dal makhani, Chapati, and rice are served by the hotel. The food is so yummy, especially the kadhai paneer.
After that, I saw the sprinkling stars, the moon, and the snow-capped mountains from my balcony. The view is mind-blowing from the hotel. Later I went to my bed and had a peaceful sleep.

Him Valley:- 

The next day, I woke early in the morning to see the sunrise from the mountains. I saw this amazing view from my balcony. I had my morning tea and enjoyed the scenic view. After that, I get ready for my morning breakfast. For breakfast, I had my one Aloo Paratha with a cup of tea. Later, the cab received me from the hotel to go for a full day sightseeing in Solang Valley.
Then First I explored “Him Valley”. Him Valley is an Amusement and a cultural park. It is one of the surging tourist attractions in the pristine hill station of Manali. In Him Valley, you can experience the folk dance of Himachal Pradesh and also click the pictures in Traditional dresses.

Nehru Kund:-

Later, I went to “Nehru Kund”. Nehru Kund is famous in the Name of our former prime minister ” JAWAHARLAL NEHRU”.
It’s known for the cold and pristine water running here and the breathtaking scenery of mountains and valleys all around. In Nehru Kund, I clicked many photos here because this is the perfect spot to click photos. Later, I moved towards “Gulaba”.


The magnificent view of snow-covered mountains and Glaciers is mesmerizing. After that, I explored “Rahala Waterfall”. The scenic waterfall near Gulaba.
This picnic spot is a perfect place to relax where I could enjoy the fresh air and soothing eyes with panoramic landscapes around. The natural landscape has more than enough frames to offer each with a unique quality that will mesmerize me.

Solang Valley:-

After that, I went to “Solang Valley”. The Valley is known as Snow Valley. Here, I can explore the snow-capped peaks, grounds, and beautiful environments. The beauty of Solang Valley is unparalleled. Groves of emerald green trees dot the pure white landscape, clear blue skies, and magnificent mountains as far as my eyes can see.
This location is famously known as a ski resort and is surrounded by stunning and mystical hills. The valley has gained popularity over time, as a ski paradise in North India. Here I do some thrilling adventure activities.


I did Paragliding here with proper instructions and guidelines. From the top lush greenery and an ever-flowing river make it worth it. The view of the Himalayan skies as I oversee the mesmerizing bird’s eye view of Manali. I lived my dreams in reality.
The midst of snow-capped peaks, open blue sky, and the mystical views of the valleys around is one of the experiences of my life.

Cable Car:-

Later, I did one more adventure activity. I sat on the Cable Car. The Cable Car is red. It is only a 10-minute ride, but in 10 minutes I experienced the breathtaking aerial view of Manali.  From the top, I enjoyed the beauty of nature.


In Solang Valley, many people were doing zorbing adventure activities. To see the people I decided to do zorbing.
So I got ready to be Zorbed, wrapped inside a giant rolling ball. I moved smoothly in a huge transparent plastic zorb ball which was then rolled down a mountain slope. Zorbing will provide me with a view of a world turned upside down.
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Rohtang Pass:-

After that, I visited one of the most famous places in Himachal Pradesh, “Rohtang Pass”. The pass is entirely covered with snow, I had never seen fresh snow in my life, which I had experienced in Rohtang Pass.
I explored the picturesque view of snow-laden valleys which was a dream come true because I visited Manali Rohtang, Keylong, and Baralacha Pass Trip.
This place gave me refreshing moments purely in the arms of Mother Nature. I experienced the “Igloo” in Rohtang Pass. Here I took pictures with Igloo. Many snow adventure activities are here to do like Snow Scooters, skiing Ice Skating, etc.

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Snow Skiing:-

I chose Snow Skiing  to do.  I had indulged in some high adrenaline skiing sessions in the snow-clad mountains that surround the hill station. The slopes of the hill station are covered with thick layers of snow, in this time I experienced Skiing.
After skiing, I was tired and hungry. So I went to eat something from the stall. There I found Maggie. I ate a hot and delicious Maggie and therefore enjoyed a beautiful view of the Snow Peak Mountains from the
Rohtang Pass.
After that, I sat in a cab to go back to the hotel. At around 6:30 p.m., I reached the hotel, had a cup of
tea, and took some rest. Later I had my dinner in my room. I had my dinner and went to bed to sleep.


Next morning, I woke up and the sun was on my window, birds chirping, it was a wonderful morning. I had a cup of tea and enjoyed the scenic view from my balcony. After that, I got ready for my breakfast. For breakfast, I ate Poha.
Later at 9 am I checked out from the hotel and went for my today’s “Kullu Tour”. Then I sat in a cab moving towards Kullu. From Manali to Kullu will be 42 km. far. It took one & half hours to reach Kullu.
In Kullu, there are many places to explore in the MANALI TOUR PACKAGES.
After that, I explored the Beas River  which
follows in Kullu. The view from the River is mesmerizing because from there Deodar trees and mountains
look amazing. Near the River, I took many photos. From there I felt like I had visited Heaven, which is
on Earth.

River Rafting:-

The River is very much famous for the adventurous activity  River Rafting. One of the most famous adventure sports in Kullu.
I wore a life jacket and helmet for safety, per the rules, then sat on a raft for rafting. In the raft, 06 more people were there to experience the thrill. The flow of the river is very fast, our raft goes up and down due to the big stones in the river. Water splashes on my face and my clothes get wet because of that. The stunning scenery flanked on both sides of the river is another spectacle to behold.
While I maneuver my raft along the calm waters. The walking trail along the Beas River is a great getaway
where I enjoy the pure majestic beauty of nature and watch various mountain peaks.

Shawl Factory:-

Hereafter, I visited the Shawl Factory in Kullu. Kullu is famous for its handloom factory. Kullu Shawl is woven by tapestry technique of weaving, in which the design is created by using different colored weft yarn of short lengths per the designs’ contour. From this factory, I bought one shawl for my mother and also one for my father.
When I took the shawl in my hand, it was so warm and soft. I bought the shawl and sat back in my cab. Hereafter Cab driver took me to the Kasol & Manikaran.

Kasol & Manikaran:-

when I had a step on Manikaran. “KASOL” is the hub of some trekking areas, but I have only experienced Manikaran in Trip To Kasol, Kheerganga, Tosh, Malana.
I was stunned to see the hot spring water and its beautiful landscape. I took a step to a famous Gurudwara in Manikaran. It is famous for the name of Sikh first guru “Guru Nanak Dev Ji”. I went to the gurdwara and took the blessings of god. The view from the gurdwara is mesmerizing. I took a bath in the holy hot spring water. The water is really hot and it gives me freshness.
Later I ate food in the gurdwara called “Langar ”. The food is cooked in hot spring water. On the back side of the gurdwara, there is a Temple of Lord Rama. It is an ancient temple.
I also explored the gurdwara after that I visited Lord Rama Temple and took the blessings in the temple. Manikaran left me dumbfounded by the miracles of nature. I experienced the ancient and mesmerizing view with the MANALI KASOL TOUR PACKAGES. After I explored Manikaran, I sat back in the cab.


After that, the Cab driver took me to the Kullu Bus stand for the Drop. The driver dropped me off at the bus stand at 06 p.m. I had to stand in a bus stand till my Volvo arrived. Volvo arrived at the Kullu bus stand at 07 p.m. I board my Ac Semi Sleeper bus to return to Delhi. I took a nap for an hour.
After that, the bus stopped at the bus stand for dinner. I took my dinner and sat back on the bus. On the next day early morning around 8 am. I had reached Delhi. I completed my trip and got beautiful memories with myself. In this, I experienced many thrilling and fun-loving activities.
Explored many ancient Temples and Monasteries. It was one of the best trips of my life in the Manali Kasol Tour Package.

About Manali:- 

What I have experienced in Manali is it has a bask in the blissful weather, scenic splendor, and jolly vibes of India’s most popular and beautiful hill station exactly the way you like! From newly-wed couples,
adventure-loving friends, and families with kids, to solo wanderers. Everyone will be going to explore the
fabulous greenery, clear sky, fresh air, and beautiful mountains.
Mountains are real love who give you peace and a good break to your life in Himachal Pradesh Tourism. It feels like all my senses are activated and my soul is fed with peacefulness and tranquility. This package is also good for every type of traveler and best for Manali Family Tour Packages.

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